The Personal Branding Playbook

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Everyone has a personal brand. The only difference is some people understand how to leverage their abilities and skills better than others. This podcast focuses on strategies and methods for entrepreneurs to use their personal brand to bring value to the world. The goal of this show is to teach you how to reach that next level of impact using your podcast. Enjoy interviews from top experts in business and Action Episodes from Coach Chris every single week!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Bonus: How I Made $50k without a Mailing List

    I’ll be clear and say that I’ve built a mailing list before. I’ve actually done it multiple times. I’ve also deleted my list several times. There is this belief in entrepreneurship that you just HAVE to have a mailing list or your business... ...


  2. Develop Your Expertise

    One good thing about this quarantine is that we have time. We now have more free time to create the things we want to see in the world. A lot of people are rushing to start a business or launch some new show. Now is the perfect time to develop ...


  3. Sell the Way You Buy ft. David Priemer

    David Priemer is widely recognized as a thought leader in the area of sales and sales leadership and has been published in the Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review as well as Forbes, Entrepreneur,... ...


  4. Unique Positioning Strategy

    Every business needs a unique positioning strategy. Personal brands need the same presentation. Powerful positioning allows you to create your own rules in the business world. You have leverage that allows you to create an entire market. Every market... ...


  5. Building Your Influence ft. Eric Siu

    Eric Siu is a legend in the marketing game. As host of with Neil Patel, Eric is known as one of the biggest and best marketers in the world. He also hosts Growth Everywhere, where he interviews major business and marketing leaders like The League... ...