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Everyone has a personal brand. The only difference is some people understand how to leverage their abilities and skills better than others. This podcast focuses on strategies and methods for entrepreneurs to use their personal brand to bring value to the world. The goal of this show is to teach you how to reach that next level of impact using your podcast. Enjoy interviews from top experts in business and Action Episodes from Coach Chris every single week!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Should You Selling During the Quarantine?

    I’ve seen some people upset that business owners are selling during the virus outbreak. Which is obviously ridiculous because entrepreneurs still need to put work in! Staying focused and putting work in is a major key to success right now. The world... ...


  2. Get on the Stage w/ Manny Wolfe

    All of the public speaking engagements are being canceled due to the virus. But that doesn’t mean other digital events aren’t happening. On today’s episode, Manny Wolfe joined the podcast to discuss an entire process for entrepreneurs to get on... ...


  3. Intention Work: Immersing Yourself into Your Goals

    Intention work should be done every single day. Immersing yourself into your goals is exactly how you can build the brand AND life that you desire. In todays episode, I explain why you need to get deeper into your goals and a full strategy for... ...


  4. Andrea Jones: Systems Behind the Scenes

    Today’s episode features Andrea Jones, the social media expert for business owners. She helps businesses create an impact beyond their brand through authentic social media marketing strategies that focus on building a community of real and engaged... ...


  5. Networking at Events to Build Your Personal Brand

    If you want to build a personal brand, you definitely need to be attending events and connecting with other experts in your industry. Nothing will build your personal brand faster than connecting with people in the flesh. Networking at events will... ...