The Personal Branding Playbook

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Everyone has a personal brand. The only difference is some people understand how to leverage their abilities and skills better than others. This podcast focuses on strategies and methods for entrepreneurs to use their personal brand to bring value to the world. The goal of this show is to teach you how to reach that next level of impact using your podcast. Enjoy interviews from top experts in business and Action Episodes from Coach Chris every single week!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. The Big Rebrand

    We’re shifting the podcast to personal branding. There isn’t a podcast out there for the entrepreneurs who are at the beginning stages of their brand. I know you’re tired of hearing personal branding. It’s been run into the ground. But this... ...


  2. Podcast Editing Tactics ft. Steve Stewart

    Steve Stewart is a podcasting legend! He’s been producing podcasts for years. Steve also owns the biggest podcast editors Facebook group. Editors go to Steve Stewart to get better at what they do and learn from the best. HIs courses will make you an... ...


  3. Henry the Brand Doctor: Building a Service Business in 2020

    Welcome back to the Greatness Unlimited Podcast! Season four is going to be amazing! We’re having some great guests to discuss what its like to operate a service business in 2020.  In our first episode, Henry “The Brand Doctor” Kaminsky Jr.... ...


  4. Don’t Provide Value, Do This Instead

    Are you focused on “providing value?” I’m sure thats’ what every guru has told you. The reality is, everyone is so stuck on providing value that very few people actually are. The phrase has become cliche like many other things. So your focus... ...


  5. Goal Milestones

    Monday we covered big goals. We talked about why you need to set the goal at the top of the mountain. Today, we have to discuss how you can make progress to these goals through setting milestones. Goal milestones give you momentum. Honestly, this is... ...